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wilmington Thalian Hall
Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts
310 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, North Carolina, 28401 Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts phone number 910-632-2285
Category: Entertainment

See a show at thalian hall of wilmington

In the soft light of a massive, ornate chandelier, find your burgundy-red balcony seat and wait for the curtains to rise on a night to remember. Originally built in 1858, Thalian Hall is a downtown Wilmington landmark and one of the oldest operating theatres in America. Restored to its former glory in 1975, Thalian Hall evokes the opulent atmosphere of a 19th-century opera house, offering an extra dimension to its world-class performances. Hosting over 400 events annually, from Shakespearean plays to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Thalian Hall provides a uniquely Wilmington, NC theatre experience.


Prices -

 Varies by performance. Educational Tours: $10 Adults, $4 Children

Hours -

 Varies by performance. Educational Tours: Monday-Friday (Hours Vary)


  • Nightly Performances
  • Matinees
  • Holiday Events 


  • Symphonies
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  • Live Theatre
  • Archived Movies 
  • Educational Tours
  • Nightlife


  • Are there seats in the theater that have an obstructed view?

    To preserve Thalian Hall's unique 19th-century construction and decorative interior accents, some seats in both the parquet (main floor) and balcony levels do have slightly obstructed views. Although the 10-inch support columns are not too inconvenient for patrons, you can ensure a completely unobstructed view by choosing a seat in the Prime Seating Section, which are designated for Thalian Hall's main attractions.  
  • Can I see a broadway-style show?

    Thalian Hall hosts a wide variety of live performances, including world-class, Broadway-style musicals and plays. Although Thalian Hall regularly books nationally-touring theater troupes, local theater organizations are also highly praised. Some local troupes are led by Tony Award winners, and Wilmington is known as the "Hollywood of the East," attracting talented performers from all over the nation. 

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